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How an Average Single Mom REALTOR® Generated $118,000 in Revenue without Showing a Single Home.


Yeah, I know that sounds like total B.S., but the story is true. Read below to discover how this “technophobic” Mom of a teenager pulled it off.

So let me set the stage:

Karen had a real estate license and she’s even a Broker, but she was at the point a few years ago that there were simply not enough hours in the day to pound the pavement in search of new listings, much less to sit, stuck in traffic, worrying about trying to beat a prospective buyer to the property she was about to show them, when the chances were, that the buyer might not even remotely like the place anyway.

There had to be a better way…

Finally, she discovered that the number of property owners that wanted to “Sell by Owner” was increasing exponentially due to this new era of simplified digital financial processes.

She found TONS of people that wanted to list their Homes on their own in order to save THOUSANDS of dollars in real estate commissions, but unfortunately they needed access to list their homes on the MLS (which only a broker or agent can do).

So… was born!

Karen has known for years now, that fighting through the fierce competition to sell real estate in a large city is very costly and time consuming, but she finally had a revelation!

Now, Karen spends a few hours per day offering to list homes of sellers on the MLS for one very reasonable Flat Fee!

It’s a perfect situation! Karen saves huge amounts of time (and makes great money) and her clients save thousands of dollars in commissions!

So… How’s the real estate grind working out for you? Are you spending more money on online advertising? Working more and longer hours? Doing more posts on Social Media?

Let us ask you this… How is all that “more” working out for you?

More is not the answer.  Everyone is fighting everyone else for more online.  And no one wins at that game!

Problem: You, (like many Real Estate Agents) might not have a clue how to get started doing this themselves! They think they’ll have to spend hours setting up the technology.

Answer: Let us here at show you! Start tapping into this money…Today! It couldn’t be easier! Simply sign up and become an LOMLSFF affiliate! 

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